Below is our current list of professional development courses and events, grouped by category.  Some are available every second year. We review this list regularly. If you have specific learning needs, please talk to us about how we can help you.

Please check the course calendar for events currently on offer. For further information on events not currently offered, please contact us on 6232 7511 or email

Career development

  • Being bold: how women can improve their influence and opportunities in the public sector
  • Take charge of your career

Change management

  • APMG International Change Management Foundation

Client service

  • Exceptional client service
  • Working with challenging customers and situations

Communication and engagement

  • Advance your workplace communication skills
  • Minutes and agendas made easy
  • Preparing documents for decision makers
  • Speaking confidently to groups
  • Think on Your Feet
  • Writing clearly for Government

Finance and procurement

  • Introduction to Finance in the Tasmanian State Service
  • Procuring and contracting for construction
  • Procuring goods and services
  • Risk Management Analysis

Government and policy

  • Introduction to Design thinking
  • Getting to and through Cabinet
  • Measuring Government outcomes
  • Policy: the basics
  • Working in and for Government

Managing, supervising and leading teams

  • Experienced supervisor
  • Managing people and performance
  • New supervisor
  • Positive Leadership

People and culture

  • Mercer CED Job Evaluation
  • Mercer CED Job Evaluation – Refresher
  • Recruitment Best Practice

Personal effectiveness

  • Lean thinking - doing more with less
  • Email Ninja® – how to get your inbox to zero everyday
  • List Assassin® - getting things done with a killer to-do list
  • Meeting Dojo™ - how to run meetings that aren't boring!
  • Optimise your time
  • Priority Samurai™

Project management

  • Agile project management
  • Business analysis
  • Change management essentials for projects
  • PRINCE2 2017 Foundation
  • PRINCE2 2017 Practitioner
  • Project management essentials

Public administration

  • Administrative law for public officials
  • Crown Law Seminars
  • Information Management Foundations
  • Public interest disclosure (PID)

Regulation and compliance

  • Interview skills and strategy
  • Investigation skills
  • Writing a good decision

Special events

  • Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants' Forum
  • HR Forum

WHS and wellbeing

  • Mental health and wellbeing - for employees
  • Mental health and wellbeing - for managers
  • Resilience and stress management