Tasmanian Training Consortium

Tasmanian Training Consortium (TTC) facilitates and promotes cost-effective, quality learning opportunities for member organisations and the broader public.


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TTC client survey 2017-18

We all suffer from 'survey fatigue' but this one is important.

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  • Lean thinking and practice

    Lean thinking and practice This course introduces participants to the essential concepts of Lean Thinking and Practice. Where once 'Lean' was confined to manufacturing it is now being applied in...

  • Career development

    Career development Are you getting what you want out of work? Are you achieving your career vision? Where do you want to head next? And how are you positioning yourself...

  • Communicating confidently in the workplace

    Communicating confidently in the workplace Communicating confidently is a learned skill and can provide opportunities for positive change and development in the workplace. Where ever people interact there is always...