Program Description

The Manager Essentials Program (MEP) is a whole-of-service high quality program designed and developed to increase the fundamental and essential management capabilities of all State Service Managers.

The program is endorsed by the Head of the State Service and all Heads of Departments, as a commitment to identifying and developing current managers in the State Service.

Program Outcomes

The Program will:

  • enhance the State Service core management capabilities, so that the Service is well positioned to meet its current and future requirements;
  • provide a consistent approach and understanding to management practices and responsibilities;
  • provide an integrated learning pathway and prepare managers (frontline, middle and senior) for future management roles;
  • equip State Service Managers to manage, support and develop people and lead their team;
  • offer good value for money, and provide for credible and knowledgeable program facilitators;
  • have a compelling and well-defined learning approach that meet participants and government management skills requirements with excellence; and
  • be a unique Tasmanian context program for managers from across all agencies and authorities.

Participants will:

  • develop understandings of self and self-awareness;
  • develop a shared understanding of the unique context of working in the Tasmanian State Service
  • learn to better manage, support and develop people and lead their teams; and
  • develop knowledge of consistent approaches to create positive work environments.

How the program works

MEP is delivered over twelve months and consists of four active learning modules bookended by two half day workshops. The program  involves commitment and focus from participants. It will require participants to engage with the learning activities and materials with up to 2-3 hours per week of study required.

MEP incorporates a series of stand-alone active learning modules delivered as individual development workshops – aimed at front-line, mid-level managers or senior managers across the Tasmanian State Service.  The learning modules provide managers with skills and tools to equip them to better manage.

Participants can choose to complete one or all of the stand-alone learning modules. The option of completing all enables participants to obtain essential management skills required for management roles across the broader State Service.

Module 1 - Understanding self and developing others: the reflective mindset
Module 2 - Understanding government and governance
Module 3 - Managing People
Module 4 - Creating a Positive Work Environment

Each learning module begins with a Getting Started Guide. The Getting Started Guides incorporate a series of self-directed learning activities and includes pre-reading materials; tasks and online information. This is followed by a face-to-face workshop allowing participants to explore the challenges in more details. Applying the learning will be through a management challenge inquiry. The learning module ends with an On-the-Job learning guide which contains resources/tools and development options to help embed the learning long term.

Target Audience

The program is aimed at new or current/existing Supervisors/team leaders, and State Service Managers (Band 4-6, 7 and 8) or equivalent roles that have responsibilities for the full range of management functions (people, budgets, resources). Participants must have direct reports and supervise between four and eight people.

It is essential that participants are current managers and have direct reports.

Location and Dates


Program 30 Hobart

Program 31

Program 32

Program 33

Program 34

Registration – please click on the link:

ClosedRegister P31Register P32

Register P33

Register P34

Time 1 GENOS Emotional Intelligence Diagnostic Survey opens

8 Sept 20218 Sept 202125 Oct 2125 Oct 217 Feb 22

Time 1 GENOS Emotional Intelligence Diagnostic Survey closes

24 Sept 202124 Sept 202116 Nov 2116 Nov 2125 Feb 22

½ Day Induction Workshop

6 Oct 20215 Oct 202124 Nov 2125 Nov 2117 Mar 22

Module 1 Workshop – Understanding self and developing others: the Reflective Mindset

2 Nov 20213 Nov 202110 Feb 2216 Feb 2227 Apr 22

Module 2 Workshop – Understanding Government and Governance

8 Dec 20219 Dec 202110 Mar 2217 Mar 223 May 22

Module 3 Workshop – Managing People

23 Feb 202224 Feb 20224 May 2210 May 2214 Jun 22

Module 4 Workshop – Creating a Positive Work Environment

29 Mar 202230 Mar 20222 Jun 229 Jun 2226 Jul 22

Time 2 GENOS Emotional Intelligence Diagnostic survey opens

2 May 20222 May 202228 Jul 2228 Jul 2222 Aug 22

Time 2 GENOS Emotional Intelligence Diagnostic survey closes

20 May 202220 May 202219 Aug 2219 Aug 229 Sept 22

Time 2 debriefing and graduation (½ day)

7 Jun 20228 Jun 202230 Aug 2231 Aug 2222 Sept 22

Program cost and enrolment

The cost for the full program has been revised down to $1500 (+GST).

Registration is via the Tasmanian Training Consortium (TTC) website.  Click on the link corresponding to the appropriate program above.


David Clifton, Business Partner, People & Culture, Department of State Growth
The Manager Essentials Program has provided me with a range of techniques and awareness of my management style that has assisted me in becoming a better manager/leader. There has been a range of communication techniques and management resources provided that I can draw on in my role. The facilitators of the sessions are great at linking the theory to real life implementation and I feel that it has helped me build confidence when approaching difficult situations in the workplace. The course is constructed to be very supportive, it has been really good to meet and learn from other participants. It is a great course for managers at all levels.

Jill Bloomfield, RN, Nurse Unit Manager, Tasmanian Health Service
The Manager Essentials Program has been extremely useful for me, as an emerging leader. I have learned some real skills that are usable in the workplace. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable. I'm networking with people who are sharing my experiences, even if we come from different areas. Above all, I've found out that we all share similar stories. We investigate problems we all recognise, from different perspectives. This has helped to develop creative strategies I would never consider.  I can highly recommend it.

Alasdair Wells, Section Head, EPA Tasmania, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment
With participants from a diverse range of Agencies, group discussions during the Manager Essentials Program are always fascinating and informative. The Program provides a great opportunity to build upon your experience and previous training, to extend your skills, and to continuously improve in your role as a State Service Manager.

Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Marketing and Communications Manager, Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority
I found the Manager Essentials Program incredibly helpful for better understanding the State Service as well as making connections with other managers from different agencies who are dealing with similar challenges. I have benefited, as has my whole team, from the skills and perspective I have gained through the self-reflection on my own management style and the small positive changes I have been able to implement in our work environment that has improved overall contentment, motivation and productivity... a fantastic program!

Natalie Luttrell, J P, Manager, Clerk of Petty Sessions/District Registrar, Department of Justice
The opportunity to network with fellow managers in the wider State Service was invaluable. The content of the program was interesting and relevant as a whole, some aspects were of more interest on a personal basis and some you do because there is inherent value. You get out of it what you put in. As a package the program has contributed to my knowledge base as a people manager.

Ross Thomas, Deputy Registrar. Department of justice
The Program is extremely interactive and provides participants with a fantastic opportunity to network and hear from others undertaking a wide range of roles across the State Service. The program content is immediately transferrable to my role as a manager in the State Service and I would certainly recommend participating in the Program if the opportunity arises.

Belinda Sims, Manager - Office of the Director. Children & Youth Services.  Department of Health and Human Services
Receiving the workbooks and folders, which were bright and well presented, demonstrated a commitment to the program. The content has been very valuable in developing a greater understanding of the topics. It has been confirming to me to hear of other professionals facing similar challenges in the workplace. The presenters have been knowledgeable, offering practical activities and information is very relevant to the area. I have liked the pre workbook, going to the workshop and then the on-the-job guide as it has kept me active in the program and as different issues pop up I can go back to the folder. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Nick Moles, Senior Business Services Officer, Department of Education
The Manager Essentials Program has given me new skills and techniques to help me manage staff more effectively in the State Service. It also provided insights into my own management style and showed me my strengths and areas of management I could improve on. The program also provided me with the opportunity to meet and learn from a wide variety of managers in the State Service who I would not normally get to interact with.

Need further information?

For more information, please contact the Tasmanian Training Consortium on 6232 7511 or email

You can also contact your Human Resources Division in your agency.