Below is the list of current events scheduled by The Training Consortium. To find out more about each event and to register, click on the relevant link below to download the event flyer.

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20-Aug-2018 Think on your feet Launceston
29-Aug-2018 FREE Using training effectively - for managers Devonport
4-Sep-2018 New Supervisor Launceston
6-Sep-2018 Mercer CED Job Evaluation Hobart
6-Sep-2018 Masterclass: Agile project management Hobart
12-Sep-2018 TTC Showcase: Measuring Government Outcomes Hobart
12-Sep-2018 FREE Using training effectively - for managers Hobart
13-Sep-2018 Writing clearly for government Devonport
18-Sep-2018 Email Ninja Launceston
19-Sep-2018 Preparing documents for decision makers Hobart
19-Sep-2018 Speaking confidently to groups Hobart
20-Sep-2018 Writing clearly for government Hobart
24-Sep-2018 ANZSOG Seminar: regulatory policy and the changing role of government Hobart
26-Sep-2018 Working with challenging clients Devonport
27-Sep-2018 Investigation skills Hobart
15-Oct-2018 Think on your Feet Hobart
16-Oct-2018 Speaking Confidently to Groups Devonport
16-Oct-2018 Procuring goods and services Hobart
16-Oct-2018 New Supervisor Hobart
17-Oct-2018 Managing contracts Hobart
18-Oct-2018 Being bold: how women can improve their power and influence at work Hobart
18-Oct-2018 Career Development Hobart
18-Oct-2018 Procurement and Contracting for Construction Hobart
18-Oct-2018 Writing clearly for government Launceston
22-Oct-2018 ANZSOG Seminar: using behavioural change as a policy tool Hobart
23-Oct-2018 TTC Showcase: Measuring Government Outcomes Launceston
23-Oct-2018 Getting to and through Cabinet Hobart
29-Oct-2018 PRINCE2 Foundation Hobart
30-Oct-2018 Financial Management Basic in the Tasmanian State Service Hobart
31-Oct-2018 Optimise your time Devonport
1-Nov-2018 Working with challenging clients Hobart
6-Nov-2018 Project management essentials Hobart
14-Nov-2018 Using social media successfully Hobart
14-Nov-2018 Career Development Devonport
14-Nov-2018 Advance your workplace communication skills Hobart
14-Nov-2018 Working with challenging clients Launceston
15-Nov-2018 Business analysis Hobart
26-Nov-2018 New Supervisor Devonport
27-Nov-2018 Optimise your time Hobart
29-Nov-2018 Minutes & Agendas Made Easy Hobart
4-Dec-2018 Managing People & Performance Hobart
4-Dec-2018 New Supervisor Hobart
6-Dec-2018 Writing clearly for government Hobart
6-Dec-2018 Minutes and Agendas Made easy Devonport
7-Dec-2018 Email Ninja Hobart