Getting to and through Cabinet....with Rhys Edwards

Rhys Edwards

'This central decision making body is surrounded by an air of mystery. The weight given to its pronouncements is enhanced by the secrecy of its processes' - Davis, Wanna, Warhurst and Weller, Public Policy in Australia.

While maintaining Cabinet confidentiality, this new course will take you behind the scenes of how Cabinet operates. During the day you will cover:

  • Cabinet, who are they and what do they do?
  • why it is important to provide good advice to Cabinet
  • Cabinet processes and timelines
  • identifying when matters should go to Cabinet
  • what do Ministers look for in high quality Cabinet advice?
  • the expectations of Treasury and DPAC when providing advice to Cabinet
  • how to write a good Cabinet minute using plain English.

The course will be facilitated by Rhys Edwards who is an experienced organisational leader and has worked at the highest levels of the public service for over 16 years. Rhys is particularly well placed to deliver this course having been Secretary for the Tasmanian Department of Premier and Cabinet from 2008 to 2014. Through this period he was involved in leading the State Service through a period of intense budget challenge following the GFC as well as participating in national reforms including health, disability and education.

Find out more: Wednesday 20 June, Hobart